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Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Phoenix Laws Regarding Pedestrians

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According to Arizona state law, vehicles are prohibited from driving on sidewalks, or from driving past a pedestrian who is on their side of the roadway while crossing the street. Also, though it is legal for bicyclists to ride on sidewalks, any bicycle accidents involving pedestrians will likely be the fault of the cyclist. When a motorist fails to observe traffic laws relative to pedestrians, pedestrian accidents are very likely. Because of the nature of such accidents, serious personal injury is extremely common and wrongful death is quite possible. Catastrophic injuries are likely as well, including broken bones and traumatic brain injuries.

Hit and Run Lawyer

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Medical bills for the treatment of injuries sustained in a pedestrian accident, can be devastating. Additional physical therapy or other future medical expenses in the future should be primary considerations when settling your pedestrian accident case.

You as the victim of an accident deserve to receive fair and just compensation from the party at fault. In order to make sure that you are compensated properly after a pedestrian accident, contact Attorney Kenneth P Gerber at the Personal Injury Law firm to discuss your case. There is no fee for consultation and you do no pay until we win your case. The sooner you act, the better your chances of securing the settlement you deserve.

Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian Accidents In Surprise, AZ

At Gerber Injury Law, we have handled hundreds of personal injury cases for more than 20 years for residents throughout Phoenix, Surprise, and Peoria. Our firm is also very capable of taking your case to court and aggressively fighting on your behalf should such action be necessary. As an innocent victim, you should not have to suffer financially as well as physically after your pedestrian accident. That is why you should consult with a practiced personal injury attorney from our firm as soon as possible. With our experience and skill, your chances of success will be significantly higher by retaining our firm.

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