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Arizona Motorcycle Accident Injury

Injured in a Motorcycle Accident?

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There are a range of serious injuries that take place in motorcycle accidents. A person that only suffers minor injuries is extremely lucky, and in the minority. In most cases, the injuries are exceptionally serious and will require a long period of medical care and rehabilitation. In the most tragic cases, the victim is unable to return to the quality of life that was enjoyed prior to the accident, and will require long term nursing care or treatment. Catastrophic injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries are, sadly, a common outcome for the victims of motorcycle accidents.

Catastrophic Injuries in Motorcycle Accident Cases

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Permanent brain damage, spinal cord injury, loss of limb, or permanent disfigurement are each considered to be catastrophic injuries. These are cases in which the injuries sustained were so severe that the victim will face a lifetime of disability. The challenges are unimaginable, and the person has no hope of going back to the healthy condition that was enjoyed prior to the accident. The compensation pursued must address all losses, including economic, such as loss of medical bills, rehabilitation, future medical costs, as well as loss of income from work, both now and estimated for the future life of the individual. The personal damages, termed non-economic, include pain and suffering as well as loss of quality of life. These are high value claims, as the person will no longer be able to care for themselves, earn a living, or perform family duties or activities. Our Surprise personal injury attorney has recovered millions in damages for clients. We should get involved early in cases of catastrophic injury.

Broken Bones

A broken bone is never a minor injury. Not only is a fracture extremely painful, it takes many months of treatment to heal, based upon the type of fracture. There is a high risk of serious infection in cases in which the bone broke the skin and was exposed to the air and the many bacteria present on the skin and in the environment. Many fractures will require a long period of treatment, complex surgeries and the broken limb can be painful for years or longer. During this period, the victim is unable to function normally and may spend many months in the hospital. Each case is different, and we can assist you with a free case evaluation.

Abrasions or Road Rash

Motorcycle accidents mean that the rider comes into contact with the highway or street, and usually slides for a distance. Even with leather protective gear, the risk of severe abrasions is extremely high. These abrasions are commonly called “road rash” in minor cases. In very serious cases, the skin can be stripped from the body, requiring skin grafts and many surgeries to try to resolve. These are often disfiguring injuries and scarring is usually permanent.

Internal Injuries

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As a motorcycle accident involves a heavy impact with the road surface, and often secondary impacts from other vehicles, the risk of internal injuries is extremely high. Resolving internal injuries, bleeding, organ damage and other related damage requires a high level of medical treatment. Organs can be permanently damaged. Internal bleeding is one of the most dangerous and serious consequences of trauma from a motorcycle accident. Blood vessels and can be torn or crushed. Bleeding around the lungs, heart or aorta, impacting the organs in the body are all common and serious consequences of a motorcycle accident. The symptoms include severe pain, light headedness, dizziness and fainting, and can take even place a few days after a minor accident. Internal injuries can include damage to hear and lung, gastrointestinal tract, the liver, spleen, and other organs. Any such injury demands immediate medical attention, and could require several surgeries and a long period of rehabilitation.

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