What Is A Birth Injury?


During a woman’s pregnancy and birthing process, she can find consolation and support knowing that her doctor is taking excellent care of her and her child. There are occasions, however, when a mother and/or her child may suffer personal injury or even wrongful death because of a careless or negligent doctor. Certain life-long consequences can be dire for both the child and the mother with side effects like brain trauma, significant mental damage, excessive loss of blood, and fractures. Such an extreme case of medical malpractice requires full compensation for the victim’s injuries and suffering. If you or your child have been a victim of such an injury, find out what an attorney could do to help you obtain compensation.


At Gerber Injury Law, a qualified attorney in Surprise, AZ could support and guide you through the legal process and help you fight for the payout you deserve. Doctors and hospitals may attempt to protect themselves from liability through waivers and contracts, but with assistance from a skilled birth injury lawyer, you could build a strong case proving their liability and demanding payment for your suffering. Ken Gerber, founding attorney at our firm, has more than 20 years of trial experience and could take your case to court if necessary. Call today for a consultation and find out what a practiced lawyer from our firm could do for you.

Having handled hundreds of personal injury cases during his years in practice, Ken Gerber has the knowledge and skill to produce the best possible results for you case. You shouldn’t have to pay a dime for your injuries if a negligent doctor or surgeon is to blame. Find out how you could get the payout you need to cover your injury expenses by consulting with our firm today. With quality legal representation, you will have the best possible chance of success.

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