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Medical Malpractice Attorney


medical malpractice

Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Every doctor’s purpose in their profession is to save lives. Traditionally, a new doctor recites what is known as the Hippocratic Oath, swearing that he or she will do everything in their power to save lives and treat patients in an ethical manner. Patients trust their physicians to take care of them and to work toward improving the patient’s health as best they can. So, when a patient suffers illness or injury as a direct result of a doctor or other medical professional’s carelessness, ignorance, or intended action, they may be unsure of what action to take. Consulting with a Surprise injury lawyer immediately, could give them the guidance they need.


medical malpractice injury

Doctor injecting flu vaccine

Medical malpractice can cause personal injury in a number of ways. A doctor could prescribe a dangerous drug that causes injury, poisoning, or addiction. A surgeon could be careless in his practice and cause further damage to the patient on whom he is operating. A nurse could neglect an elderly person in a home and commit nursing home abuse. Each of these and many more forms of medical malpractice deserve to be brought to light, and victims of such malpractice deserve compensation. To learn how a knowledgeable attorney could build your case and win the payout you need to cover the cost of your injuries, call Gerber Injury Law.

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