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Golf carts are a popular means of transportation in Surprise, and Peoria AZ. Because golf carts are open, they can prove to be dangerous even at slow speeds. Read the list below to learn more about the hazards posed by the use of a golf cart. Personal injury Attorney Ken Gerber can help.

Tipping Over, Cart Pileups & Collisions

Golf Cart Accident

Obstacles, bad terrain (such as mud), backing up downhill, and vehicle malfunctions are among the reasons golf carts often tip over. Serious injuries can arise from a cart landing on the driver or passenger, or as a result of being thrown from the vehicle.

Multiple golf cart pileups can occur when one cart is closely following another. In such cases, drivers are at risk of whiplash, ejection from their cart, and being run over by other carts. Though golf carts may seem safe, they offer drivers and passengers little protection against collisions. When golf carts share the road with motorists and cyclists, they could be in even more danger. Car drivers may cause dangerous accidents when they fail to follow proper safety measures around golf carts, such as speeding or unsafe lane changing. These collisions often take place at high speeds and can lead to severe injuries.

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If you have been injured while using a golf cart, you may be able to receive compensation. Our Surprise personal injury attorney can help you fight for damages due to a number of injuries, including bone breaks, nerve damage, whiplash, or even wrongful death. Gerber Injury Law has offered high quality legal service to clients for almost two decades and can handle your case. Contact our office to speak with a lawyer about your situation.

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