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July 12, 2021 Car Accidents

How Insurance Companies Investigate Car Accidents

In the aftermath of a vehicle accident in Arizona, we will find that insurance carriers will get involved relatively quickly. Every driver in the state of Arizona is supposed to carry a minimum amount of insurance in order to remain legal on the roadways.

June 25, 2021 Car Accidents

Autonomous Vehicle Statistics

Motor vehicles that can drive themselves, also known as self-driving cars, autonomous vehicles, or AVs, are considered to be far safer than regular automobiles. However, the nagging issue remains, just how safe are autonomous vehicles at the moment? The short answer is we are not there yet.

June 9, 2021 Car Accidents

What Are the Top 5 Causes of Car Accidents in Arizona?

Vehicle accidents are not uncommon throughout the state of Arizona. Anybody who gets behind the wheel of a vehicle knows this.

How often do you pass by accidents either on the road or along the roadside?

Whether or not you have been involved in an accident recently, would you want to take a guess at the most common causes of vehicle accidents in Arizona?

June 2, 2021 Car Accidents

Arizona Car Seat Laws 2021

If you get behind the wheel and have a child in the car with you, you need to do everything in your power to keep the child safe. This includes following all seatbelts and car seat laws in Arizona. Unfortunately, most government entities do not do a great job of educating parents and guardians on the specifics related to car seats.

April 28, 2021 Car Accidents

What Compensation Can I Recover For A No-Injury Car Accident?

Being involved in a vehicle accident can be a scary experience, particularly if there are any injuries. However, if you are in an accident when there are no injuries, it is likely that you will still be left with significant expenses.