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bicycle accident

Riding bicycles is a fun and healthy pastime. When cyclists ride on the roads, they are required to follow the same traffic laws as drivers of vehicles. Unfortunately, bicycling can also be dangerous because cyclists are riding on the same roads as vehicles that are much bigger and moving much faster.

Drivers of vehicles may not see cyclists, or may not consider their safety or right to be on the roadways with them.  Over 1,000 cyclists are injured in bike accidents each year, many of which involve negligent motorists.

If you or a family member has been injured while riding a bicycle, you should call Gerber Injury Law right away to learn about protecting your rights to receive medical treatment and compensation for your loss and suffering.

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Bike Accidents – Things To Consider

bicycle accident

Even with a helmet and protective clothing, bicycle accidents can still end in severe injuries. Head injuries and traumatic brain injuries are the leading kinds of injury and cause of death in bicycle accidents. Cuts, lacerations, broken bones and spinal cord injuries are also all too common with bicycle accidents.

At Gerber Injury Law, we have extensive experience handling all kinds of bicycle accidents and can help you get compensation for your injuries. Call Gerber Injury Law today to get answers your questions and provide you with the best legal representation.

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Bike Accident

At Gerber Injury Law, we have represented and won countless bicycle accident cases with all types of injuries. Our firm can help you too right now!  Call our offices for an immediate evaluation of your case.

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