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Our firm has been in practice for more than 20 years, providing quality legal representation to residents of Peoria and Surprise, Arizona. During this time, we have handled hundreds of cases; assisting numerous people when they need it most. Founding Attorney Ken Gerber has extensive himself in taking personal injury cases to trial and is capable of doing so for you should it be necessary in your situation. Attorney Gerber has a thorough understanding of each of these laws, as well as the ability to strategically build and present your case to prove the guilty party’s liability and hopefully win you the payout you need. Without such representation, your damages and medical treatments may not be fully covered by insurance, leaving you with the difference.


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The first and most vital step you must take after an accident is to hire a skilled and experienced personal injury attorney. The reason this is such a vital decision is because, should your attorney fail to help you win adequate compensation, you may end up having to cover expensive damage repairs and medical treatments out of your own pocket. Financial ruin may very well be a result of such a situation. This could be avoided, by retaining an experienced lawyer from Gerber Injury Law


Attorney Ken Gerber has extensive experience as a prosecutor, including years of exclusively handling personal injury cases that needed to be brought to trial. Perhaps you are seeking a helpful lawyer to answer your questions and assist you in negotiating compensation with the insurance companies. Maybe you need an aggressive trial attorney in Surprise,  AZ to take your dispute to court.


For more than 20 years, our firm has handled cases in each of the areas outlined on this page.

Car Accidents

Car accidents are one of the main causes of personal injury claims. Injuries from such accidents include neck and back injuries, broken bones, burns, and traumatic brain injuries.

Truck Accidents

Tired truck drivers, as well as drunk truck drivers, cause numerous accidents each year. An improperly maintained or loaded truck could also cause a crash. If you have been victim to a truck accident, do not jeopardize your future well-being by not pursuing restitution.

Motorcycle Accidents

Inattentive motorists are much more likely to collide with a motorcyclist. In such cases, severe injury is likely due to a motorcyclist’s lack of physical protection.

Bicycle Accidents

When a motorist hits a cyclist on the side of the road or while the cyclist is attempting to cross a street, he or she may be liable. If so, the motorist should be required to cover the injured cyclist’s medical treatment.

Birth Injuries

A careless or negligent doctor could be held responsible for any injuries a mother and/or her infant child sustains as a result. These injuries can affect the future of both the mother and the child.

Boating Accidents

Many accidents are caused on waterways due to drunk, negligent, or reckless motorists. If you or a loved one has been a victim of a boating accident, it is important to act quickly to receive financial compensation

Bus Accidents

Passengers on a bus are likely to be injured in an accident due to the large number of passengers, as well as the lack of safety restraints. Also, if the bus driver caused the accident, the other vehicle and its occupants could sustain severe damage and injury because of the size and weight of the bus.

Catastrophic Injuries

When an injury causes extreme or permanent damage, it can be classified as a catastrophic injury. Examples include broken bones and burn injuries.

Construction Accidents

Construction is one of the most dangerous occupations in the country. Falling beams, exposed wiring, and the use of heavy machinery can all result in a personal injury.

Dangerous Drugs

If a doctor prescribes a drug without fully disclosing its side effects, or prescribes an unsafe amount of a drug, injury or illness could result. These doctors should be held responsible for not clearly explaining the implications of the substance that caused bodily harm.

Defective Products

Product malfunctions can cause severe injuries and expensive medical bills. However, the manufacturer or the vendor could be held responsible

Drowning Accidents

If one of your loved ones has suffered a wrongful death as a result of drowning because of someone else’s negligence, you could fight for compensation.

Drunk Driving Accidents

When it comes to car accident fatalities in the United States, more than 30% are caused by drunk drivers. Experiencing personal injury as a result of someone else’s reckless behavior is not alright. It is important to seek the compensation you deserve.

Medical Malpractice

Doctors, hospitals, and medical personnel are responsible for taking care of you improving your health to the best of their ability. Any injury resulting from negligence or purposeful action on the part of a medical professional should be covered through insurance.

Nursing Home Abuse

One of the most unfortunate causes of personal injury is when an elderly person is mistreated or improperly cared for by nursing home personnel. Abuse can come in various forms including physical negligence, sexual abuse and deprivation of basic needs.

Slip & Fall

Slip and fall accidents can cause serious injury, including broken bones and concussions. An attorney could help you determine who was responsible for the maintenance of the walkway where you slipped or tripped and help you get compensation from them.

Pedestrian Accidents

Distracted, tired, and drunk drivers are all likely to hit a pedestrian, either by swerving onto a sidewalk or driving through an intersection when a pedestrian is trying to cross the street. When you or someone you love is a victim of an accident like this, seek legal recourse so that you do not have to handle the medical costs on your own.

Surprise & Peoria Personal Injury- 22 Years of Experience | Over 40 Million Recovered


(623) 486-8300

12133 W Bell Rd #202, Surprise, AZ 85378

Monday - Friday

 9:00am - 5:00pm